About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

What’s important to us at The Boathouse?

- Making sure that your weekend fun is safe and reliable.
- Taking the headache out of owning a boat. - Ensuring you have the best advice and resources on hand at all times.
- Using the best quality products to ensure that (for example) you do not end up with rust streaks down the upholstery because the company you trusted didn’t use stainless steel staples!
- Ensuring your boat is in tip-top condition so that it is not only reliable, but retains its re-sale value.

Where did we begin

In 2013 there appeared to be a niche market for people with sports boats that wished to keep the boats outside their homes or on trailers rather than berth them in marinas that required costly membership fees and also accrued costly maintenance bills due to being left in warm salty conditions all year round.

At this time “The Boatyard” was formed. This was the first independent dry berth facility in the U.A.E. and certainly the largest venture of it’s kind! Whilst there was an obvious requirement and slots sold very well, there was also a very prominent need for the boats being stored to be maintained and serviced.

The Boatyard was fortunate enough to form a strong working relationship with “The Boathouse” - outsourcing and overseeing numerous projects for “The Boatyard” clients. “The Boathouse” demonstrated excellent skill and dexterity and always managed to complete the jobs that others seemed to struggle with.

Simple Facts

The Boathouse was built up, vigilantly, by Gavin Corlett (Gus) over 12 years of hard work and dedication. They outgrew their working space and desperately needed to expand:

“The Boathouse” had ample space to grow but was constantly facing difficulties with satisfying customer demands when it came to reliable suppliers in the market

There was always talk about a merger between the two companies and in October 2015 this finally became a reality!

In a very short time 7,500 sq feet of warehouse was converted to create a whole new engine room, fabrication area, dedicated upholstery suite and stores (amongst many other improvements). The remaining 32,500 sq feet that the Boatyard had to offer was re-allocated to include a dedicated fiberglass / anti-fouling area and an all new covered storage facility alongside all the services we used to offer.

The valuable team of “The Boathouse” and their experience was taken on board to ensure that all customers receive our full attention - no matter what the enquiry.

It has been an interesting few months since our merger and we hope you will all continue to share our adventures!